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URBAN SORCERY by Pieter-Jan Beyul is now available for download!

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EOBOCC °III - URBAN SORCERY, an essay on cities, psychotopography and magical insurrection by Pieter-Jan Beyul is now available for download!

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Coming soon: Urban Sorcery, by Pieter-Jan Beyul

At the outset of the 20th century, 10% of the world population lived in cities. In the year 2000, around 50% of the world population lived in cities. In 2025, the number of city-dwellers could reach 5 billion individuals. These numbers show how mankind today has become truly an urban being.

In history the megalopolis stands at the end of the life-course of a civilization. Our Western civilization has become a global one and has exported its finality across the Earth. In these vast world cities, the cosmic beat in the dwellers’ being is decreasing. Being emancipated from the toil of harsh conditions leads to the ironic predicament where depopulation in these vast swarming hives will set in, either through natural disasters the world city causes, pandemics that ravage through its densely populated areas or a slow crumbling decline that starts the cycle anew. Crisis hangs above our heads, sooner or later.

Yet, a different future is possible instead of such a passive and defeatist observation. Among the colossi of the megalopolis, some occupants feel a strong nostalgia for the archaic. Alexandria saw it with Hermeticism, which looked beyond the Greco-Roman times to its Egyptian roots, and possibly further back, to bring back those spells of old. But where Late Antiquity turned solely inwards to a dream world, and thus ending up as another form of escapism, this piece tries to call for an active engagement with the world through an occult lens.

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COMING SOON: “Urban Sorcery”, by Pieter-Jan Beyul, author of “The Antediluvian Current”. More info will follow in due course, keep an eye out! 

Uigilans Somniauit, by Amrita ›

Another meet up, another synchronous magickal working.

Joran decorated another altar, again referring to Ursa Minor, and both of us sat motionless for as long as we could. Sort of like zazen, but also inspired by a technique in Gullveigarbok called “Seta”.

Then we both started doing something spontaneously. Joran made a collage and I wrote a small essay.

Interestingly, even though we worked independently, we both made something that was reflective of what we were dealing with.

The essay dealt with shamanism being a religion of the night and all the night entails from an evolutionary point of view, but also from a sociological angle in a hunter-gatherer society. The night brings with it a different light, not only of the fire and the stars, but a light the shaman sheds on things the profane sun can’t help discern.

The collage seemed to capture exactly what I was dealing with, an ‘unearthly’ light emanating from the shaman to the tribe.

We’re going to publish the essay with this as the frontispiece on EOBOCC.

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